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Played defensive tackle and later became Freshman Football coach for 9 seasons Coaching the offense and defensive line

Played JV and Varsity Football 77-80


Clarence "Buz" Frank lives and breathes Manual Football. Buz saw his first Male-Manual game in 1956 and he hasn't missed one since. His dad was elected to the second class of the Manual Hall of Fame. As a student, Buz was a reserve center/linebacker on Manual's last state championship team in 1966 and started every game his senior year of 1967. Buz started out with Old Goat Radio as the on-field photographer and moved into the booth 5 years ago as the color analyst for the Manual football games and is the lead play-by-play announcer for Manual home basketball games (boys and girls). Buz Frank's body of work also includes a series of interviews with noted Manual alumni and past and current coaches of many sports.

A true Cradle Crimson and Self proclaimed historian of the modern era. Dave played on the 79 and 80 teams. He is the walking encyclopedia of Manual football, and is the play-by-play announcer for the football games.

Producer, Webmaster and founder of Old Goat Radio and Has missed only two Male Manual games since 1958, and was selected to Manual's Hall of Fame in 2013